Dissecting the space

Motorbike is the most popular type of transport among the local people. Riding a motorbike will give you a chance to experience the true essence of the island, to enjoy and to be filled with the bright and colorful landscapes, to explore the hidden places, to be a pioneer in uncharted parts of endless jungles and to be face to face with the wild nature. Motorbikes can be rented at any hotel on the island, or you will find special places in town. Experience on a motorbike is recommended, however even beginners can easily get used to Phu Quoc roads after few test rides.

Boat trip

Looking for adventure or the unknown and unexplored? Then a boat trip is just what you need. Take a deep breath of the salty sea-air, rock gently on the movement of the waves, dive into the depths of the sea and explore its outlandish inhabitants or......just relax and enjoy the infinite view of the turquoise sea! ...>

Secluded beaches

Phu Quoc is still an undeveloped island and there are still plenty of remote and secluded beaches. Tourists are rare visitors here. There is no fuss and bustle, just endless coastline with soft sand crunching under your feet as the first snow, crystal clear water, azure sky and magnificent landscape. ...>

Discover the North

Fortunately the northern part of Phu Quoc island has not yet been occupied by mass tourism and hotel conglomerates and has no developed infrastructure. All of this is in its infancy here. The wild nature, the variety of landscapes, unexplored national park - all this will give you a taste of the natural environment of the island, frozen in time. ...>


We want to warn all lovers of adventure and extreme experience: Cambodia is wild! Everything here is quite different than in Vietnam. You will already feel the difference at the Cambodian border. Travelers will be pleased to know that the US Dollar is the de-facto currency in Cambodia. We can say without a doubt that in this country you only have to spend money, but with a great pleasure!  ...>

The sunset

There is nothing so magical, appeasing and tranquil than watching the sunset. All of the colors of a rainbow are reflecting off the sea as the sun and water become one. This view makes you feel calm and pleasurable. Can you imagine that the sunset is different and unique every day? ...>